About Us

Bar-Naor Ltd. was founded in October 2001. It operates nationwide in Israel, and since its establishment has been active in Life Sciences fields (Governmental and privately-owned medical centers, Institutional Universities, Biotech and Industrial firms). The company supplies disposable equipment and bio-chemicals for routine labs in hospitals and research laboratories at various institutions and industrial factories throughout Israel.

Bar-Naor Ltd. specializes in several fields such as:

1.    Educational and veterinary-care surgery items (including micro-surgery tools and accessories). Products of suppliers such as Fine Science Tools Germany, AS-medizintechnik GmbH, Braintree Scientific etc. are being distributed by Bar-Naor in Israel.

2.    Plastic and related consumables for diagnostic instruments (including sample cups and cuvettes for biochemistry, immunology, toxicology and urgent labs, disposable accessories for Cyto-centrifuge). Products of supplier such as Biosigma srl are distributed by Bar-Naor all over Israel.

3.    A full-line of consumables and instruments for pathological-related labs (histology and cytology; embedding, sectioning, staining, visual agents, archiving, microscopic slides and additional accessories). Main suppliers Bar-Naor works with are Menzel-Gläser (part of Thermo Fisher) and exclusively with Kaltek srl and Glaswarenfabrik Karl Hecht KG.

4.    A wide range of disposable products and small instrumentation for research units; Pipettes, Dispensers, Pipette-tips, Micro tubes, Cryo ware,Tissue culture Flasks, Test-plates, Filter systems, etc. Main products of SPL life sciences, Biosigma srl and Biocision LLC are being distributed with large purchase units.

5.    Unique products for Drosophila community exclusively with Genesee Scientific (Flystuff).

The main customers of Bar-Naor in Israel are: Weizmann Institution, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Technion Institution, Agricultural Volcani Center and Veterinary Services; continue with medical centers including governmental medical centers, and general healthcare and several research labs in the Biotech\Biomed\Pharmaceutical industry (such as Teva Ltd, Johnson& Johnson and many more).

Bar-Naor's business volume has been growing steadily. The Company employs 10 people, including 2 PhDs for technical support, business development and logistics. Company combined in non hierarchical infrastructure.

Bar-Naor operates at a unique operative method of "Door-to-Door approach". Namely, its managing director handles field sales by daily visits to its customers. As a result of direct contact with end-users and purchase departments, we achieve:

  1.    Constant study of customers' requirements

2.       Constant troubleshoot handling

3.       Tailor-made unique adjustments toward customer needs.

With 22 years of activity and covering around 800 labs all over Israel, Bar-Naor's managing director and its team are able to deliver focused and effective marketing demands, without any delay. In other words, Bar-Naor strategy enables to achieve operational flexibility, and this is a unique advantage among its competitors within the different market segments and niches.